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June 25, 2007
Professional DJs can subscribe to our exclusive digital download DJ Pool service.

Professional DJs can subscribe to our exclusive digital download DJ Pool service. This means that you will have upfront access to all the tracks released by Armada and its sublabels.
Subscription costs are as followed:* 3 months access: 100 Euro (approx. 30 full releases)* 6 months access: 180 Euro (approx. 60 full releases)*12 months access: 300 Euro (approx. 120 releases)
New tracksWe have just made Markus' new album "Progression" available, as well as the new Absolute and Sophie Sugar just to mention a few.
Cloud 9 Dance joins the pool!We have also made a deal with our friends at Cloud 9 Dance to offer their catalogue! This includes releases on their sublabels such Combined Forces, More Moor, Deal Records and more! To start of we bring you the latest More More release.
After the successful first release on the More Moor label with Flowtation 2007, it's now time for another Vincent de Moor classic to get a 2007 treatment. No Hesitation was one of his later releases on which de Moor proves he can also make a great track without a melodie that's bigger than life. For Dutch producer Arctic Quest it was an honour to remix his all time favourite Vincent de Moor tune and also the man himself did an excellent rework job on this timeless tech-trance monster.
So keep an eye out for even more music to come! For more info visit
Heading to Ibiza? Let us know!Heading to Ibiza this summer? Let us know! As a member we can add you to the guestlist for one of our Armada Nights. Armada Night takes place every Tuesday at Club Amnesia and we'll be bringing in Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Paul Oakenfold, Nick Warren and many moor! For more info on Armada Night at Ibiza visit
Can't make it to Ibiza? If there's another Armada Night near you, let us know and we'll do our best! Don't be afraid to ask!
For more information feel free to contact us
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