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Armada Deep 2014 Volume 1 [out now]

June 13, 2014

Dust off your subwoofer, crank up the lows in your car, and take a trip down a road that’s deeper than deep.  Spend the next few hours of your life getting a lesson from the masters of deep house, and get ready to feel the groove within your soul.

Booka Shade, Grum, Groove Armada, Planet of Sound, Tiga vs. Audion, and many more of the leaders of the sub-bass movement are going to school you in this compilation, pulling out all the stops at every turn.  Mischa Daniels, Simone Scaramuzzi, and crowd favorite KRONO fill the frequency spectrum with the highest quality sounds imaginable -- so place yourself somewhere comfortable where you can go along for the ride.

Big vocal anthems and several hits grace this album, while deeper and more atmospheric tunes stretch out languidly towards the horizon.  Perfect for those moments where you need to keep your cool, ‘Armada Deep 2014’ has the kind of versatile tunes that will make any occasion just that much better.

From chill-out to tech, these are the grooves that make the world dance.

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