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ANOTR kick-start 2018 with infectious vocal single: 'Let Me Tell You'

January 22, 2018

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Even those who’ve been living under a rock for the past few years need nothing more than a swift peek to know that ANOTR are fast becoming a formidable name in today’s House and Techno scene. Since their smashing ‘Strobe EP’ signaled their first – and remarkably successful ¬– foray into dance music, the Amsterdam-based duo have become quite the staple act, even launching their own imprint, NO ART Recordings. Today, that label gets to see ANOTR kick-start 2018 by way of a highly recommended, infectious vocal single: ‘Let Me Tell You’.

A percussive affair from the ‘off’, ‘Let Me Tell You’ combines Loleatta Holloway’s iconic vocal samples with clean drums and a heady bassline. Ever building like a suspenseful novel, this peak-time cut sets out to inject energy into any dance floor it’s unleashed upon.

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