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Androma - 'Kaya' (Boy Kiss Girl Remix) [OUT NOW]

April 19, 2016

The Bearded Man has the unique ability to travel through time, more or less at will, or at the very least, when it's convenient for him to escape a boring dinner party. In 1851, he broke bread with Captain Ahab, calling himself Ishmael for some unknown reason. He went on that fateful quest to find Moby Dick, which coincidentally made for a hilarious story decades later when The Bearded Man and Richard Melville Hall (better known by his stage name "Moby") had drinks on the rooftop of his NYC apartment. The artist Moby asked a lot of questions about Moby Dick, and in turn, The Bearded Man asked a lot of questions about Vera Hall. Both were fascinated by these legendary figures from the past. Moby had never met Vera Hall, but he felt they shared an unspoken bond. For his part, The Bearded Man recalled Alabama in the early 1900s. He had heard of Ms. Hall, but had never met her. Androma was actually alive at the time, so the pair telephoned him to find out more about the famous songwriter. Androma knew some things about her, but not as much as Boy Kiss Girl. So they all had a massive tele-conference to get to the bottom of "the real story". In the end, they troubled hard indeed to come up with this song. The Bearded Man frequently travels to 2016 just to hear it whenever he needs a reminder of what soulful music is supposed to sound like!

Listen or download: Androma - Kaya (Boy Kiss Girl Remix)

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