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Aly & Fila’s Future Sound of Egypt label joins Armada Music

February 18, 2010
We're proud to announce that Future Sound of Egypt, the label of Egyptian trance-duo Aly & Fila, has joined forces with Armada Music.

Future Sound of Egypt, the label of Egyptian trance-duo Aly & Fila, has joined forces with Armada Music. The label, set up in February 2009, will continue to release high quality trance by some of the world’s most talented and passionate producers. Aly & Fila:”We are delighted to be joining the Armada family. We feel they can help us achieve our musical goals.With the Armada team behind us we feel Future Sound of Egypt Recordings can grow at an ever expanding pace, and can help boosting the label amongst the best in the scene.”

Aly Amr Fathalah and Fadi Wassef Naguib, working under the Aly & Fila guise, became known for their characteristic, uplifting trance sound. Tracks such as ‘Eye of Horus’, ‘Breath of Life’, ‘Lost Language’ and remixes for the likes of Armin van Buuren, Roger Shah and Lange, turned Aly & Fila into one of the most popular producer-duo’s in the dance scene. Last year, the duo ended up with a 22nd position in the DJ Mag Top 100. Having a keen ear for new talent and good music, Aly & Fila started Future Sound of Egypt with the mission to help build and strengthen the trance scene and share their love for this genre. All that with an Egyptian flavour. Aly & Fila:”We are very proud to be from Egypt and we’ve also got other artists on the label from Egypt. The Egyptian theme is unlike anything done before.“

Since its kick-off, the label released tracks by names like Sean Tyas, Akesson, Philipe El Sisi and Vast Vision. This year, with the label becoming part of Armada Music, big things are planned. Aly & Fila:”2010 will be another year of diverse releases which will keep all ranges of trance/prog fans happy and interested in the label. We are very proud of the artists signed to the label, from Bjorn Akesson to Phillipe el Sisi, Vast Vision, Neptune Project, Brave, Mark Andez & Den Rize and Astura. The Aly & Fila debut artist album will be released in 2010 and many other exciting projects from the artists of FSOE – Recordings are coming up.”
The first Future Sound of Egypt release at Armada Music, the new single of Aly & Fila, is set for release in March.

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