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Aly & Fila: proud trancers

February 29, 2012
2011 has been a great year for Aly & Fila! They celebrated the 200th FSOE show, ‘We Control The Sunlight’ became first in the ASOT Top 20, the label released many successful tracks. We catch up with to find out what they have planned for 2012!

Hey guys! Congratulations on becoming this week’s Artists of the Week! How are you doing?
Aly & Fila:”Hi , many thanks. We are great thanks, just come back from a tour of USA which was really cool, now time for some studio time and weekend gigs ahead.”

2011 has been a great year for Aly & Fila! You guys celebrated the 200th FSOE show, ‘We Control The Sunlight’ became first in the ASOT Top 20, the label released many successful tracks… how will you guys top that success in 2012?
Aly & Fila:”2011 was a pivotal year for us, the scene changed somewhat with the influx of a new breed of house DJs/producers and music. But we stuck to and will always stick to what we believe in, trance is such a worldwide phenomena we are very proud to be at the forefront of this movement alongside so many other great artists/dj’s/producers.  We were so proud to receive 2011 Tune of the Year with Jwaydan for ‘We Control The Sunlight’ on A State of Trance, thanks to everyone support for the track. 2012 is shaping up nicely, we just released the follow up to FSOE Volume 1 – which is Volume 2, we are working on our next artist album which will be released this summer, and we will receive singles off the album and are working on some interesting remixes also.”

There’s another thing we need to congratulate you guys with: the release of ‘Future Sound of Egypt Volume 2’! Unlike its first volume, that was a real showcase of the label, Vol.2 is more of a collection of Aly & Fila’s favourites, right?
Aly & Fila:”We would have to say it’s a mixture of music from the label and some favourites also, the great thing about doing the compilation is it can give us a great opportunity  to showcase new up and coming talent and also the established artists”

What exciting tracks are ahead on the Future Sound of Egypt label? Discovered any new talent lately?
Aly & Fila:”We have 2 very special discoveries. First one has to be Tonny Nesse who is having a great EP to be released soon on FSOE. Also the great duo ‘Fady & Mina’ from Egypt, they are doing great uplifting and energetic music.”

What about a follow-up to ‘Rising Sun’? Is there a new album in the making, or should we be a bit more patient?
Aly & Fila:”The new album is nearly finished! :) The plan of the release is around September 2012. We have worked with many great artists on this album. We can’t say more at the moment. But for sure ASOT 550 sets will include some previews from the album!”

The follow-up to ‘We Control The Sunlight’, ‘Coming Home’, was featured on A State of Trance 2012. What can you guys tell us about this absolute tune?
Aly & Fila:”We decided after the success of ‘We Control The Sunlight’ to do another collaboration with Jwaydan, we are very happy with the outcome which is ‘Coming Home’. The vocals are very emotional, Jwaydan has a great voice and we feel once again we have worked well together and hopefully the people will enjoy the track also.”

One of the highlight gigs of these upcoming weeks, is the A State of Trance 550 event! You guys have been part of these celebrations throughout the past 6 years and will be playing in LA and Den Bosch for 550. How does it feel to be part of a global happening as big as ASOT?
Aly & Fila:”It is such an amazing feeling, our management told us last week we are the only DJ’s besides Armin and Markus Schulz to play the annual ASOT celebrations for the last 6 years having played ASOT 300 (our debut was in Den Bosch) , ASOT 350 in Belgium, ASOT 400 in Rotterdam, ASOT 450 in Toronto and ASOT 500 in Den Bosch and Sydney and now ASOT 550 in LA and Den Bosch. We are very proud to have been and still are a part of these brilliant celebrations, massive thanks to everyone who have helped to make this possible.“

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