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Alexander Popov - 'Interplay 2016' [OUT NOW]

June 18, 2016

Whenever we discuss the leading sound of today, the one of Alexander Popov is sure to come up. His distinct vibes and soaring melodies guarantee a musical experience many would give an ear for and his in-studio diligence can only be admired. And now, the man himself is back!

Dropping the 2016 edition of last year's acclaimed 'Interplay' mix compilation, the Russian mastermind has once again bundled twenty magnificent creations for you to indulge in, forged by the likes of Andrew Rayel, David Gravell, Husman, Matvey Emerson & Stephen Ridley, Suspect 44, Alexander Popov himself, and more. With seven exclusive tunes and two exclusive remixes of revered Alexander Popov cuts comprising the 'Interplay 2016' ranks alongside eleven other gems, there's no denying the might of this compilation.

Be prepared to be left in awe and to have your world overflowing with pounding beats, drop-dead gorgeous atmospheres, and that specific kind of music that makes you appreciate your senses. This is 'Interplay 2016'.

Listen or download: Alexander Popov - Interplay 2016

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