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Addal feat. Lisa May - 'Morning In Love' (Kiso Remix) [OUT NOW]

June 09, 2016

The Bearded Man has spent many an evening in love. Many a nightcap. Many a late night stroll in love. Many a lazy afternoon. But mornings? Not so much. Somehow the morning usually seems to have that sobering effect of making us look back on the previous day's decisions with a hint of regret. Our hero is not too proud to admit that he's snuck his way out of more than a few awkward situations early in the morning around dawn. But, you know what they say, "Judge not lest ye be judged!" and so forth. Still, there's one thing The Bearded Man DOES love each and every morning, no matter where he's returning from, no matter where he's heading. The crisp morning air as his beard flies in the wind on his trusty motorcycle is just about all he needs. Now that's true love right there, and if anyone gets it, it's fellow compadre Kiso.

Listen or download: Addal feat. Lisa May - Morning In Love (Kiso Remix)

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