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Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic - Kinetic / Blossom

May 21, 2012

Russia's sent 2 of its musical masterminds, Michael Filimonov and Vyacheslav Romashkin, to get the world to dance. Abstract Vision and Elite Electronic unite on the electrifying sounds of 'Kinetic' and 'Blossom'.

'Kinetic' and 'Blossom' were already given a warm welcome by Armin van Buuren, who featured the tracks on his 'A State of Trance 2012' album. With the energy high up and the bass hitting in hard, 'Kinetic' is the type of tune that can make a ten-thousand strong crowd go wild. A trancy core, techy outlines and a warm melody weaved in, make this one an absolute winner.

'Blossom' is the big sister and B-side to this strong E.P.. Its emotionally loaded break and strong melody will make this a tune you'd have stuck on replay before you know it.

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