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A tempting interview with John Shelvin

February 15, 2010
Armada Music hooked up with John Shelvin to bring to light what’s on his musical mind…

Rumor has it that Spanish people are high-spirited. For one Spaniard that’s a fact, for temperament is the key ingredient to all of his productions. 2009 was the year in which Armada Music grew familiar with the talent of John Shelvin. ‘Just Like You Said’, ‘Black Moon’ and ‘Petite Comité’ warmed us up with a contagious prog-house sound. In 2010, it returns in a tempting remake of one of his 2006-works, ‘Temptation’. The 2010 upgrade of this floor-sweeper stands for seduction of the feet with its rhythm and attraction of the soul with its unforgettable, melodic spins and unrivalled beats. Need we say more? Guess not! Armada Music hooked up with John Shelvin to bring to light what’s on his musical mind…

Your ultimate temptation is…?
John:”Armada, what a label, what a home base... Seriously, my temptation is to work hard this year. Together with my team I’m working on a new big project, trying to involve a lot of artists and people around the music. I really hope this will be great at the end of the year.”

'Temptation 2010' is your new single that…?
John:”Will rock the dancefloors again! I’ve been working on new remixes a lot, tried to make the video a history that someday we’ll complete and make it as professional as possible.”

The original version of Temptation, released in 2006, needed an upgrade, because it…?
John:“Is an important track to me. It’s stands for the start of my career and a lot of people thought it was great, so in any way I felt I should keep it alive, and the best way for that was to create a new remix a try and give it a new perspective.”

The official music video of 'Temptation 2010' is…?
John:”…so cute, isn’t it? I love the party at the pool ... should I repeat it? I was very excited about that idea because it involved a lot of people, resources, the history... it wasn’t a conceptual video so I paid as much of attention in details as I could. The production team was great. They gave their best in making sure there’s a good image, sound, lights. I’m very happy with the result and the general feedback of my fans.”

You look back to 2009 with a feel/sense of…?
John:”A big house year and a new era for new talents. We could see how after years of electro and minimal (full respect though), house in general took advantage again. I think that’s so good, because not everybody wants / can create that kind of music and house is less specific so more people can add new things in this way.”

Your definite highlight of 2009 was…?
John:”After a big redefine of myself.... back at playing the game. After a few months redesigning my targets, I lost my doubts, started playing in clubs again and went back to producing. All in all, I started being myself again, and that is my big highlight. So here I am, really keen to do my best...”

For 2010, your plan is to…?
John:”, work and work harder than ever before on my new project. I got involved with too many people and I have to focus on new targets, produce more, play more, communicate better. We’re working all hard to get this, so I hope that soon I’ll be able to tell Armada about my intentions with this project…”

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