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A State of Trance 650 Anthem Contest: apply now!

August 22, 2013
The ASOT600 craze has yet to fade, but 2014 already brings a new promise to the trance lovers.

The ASOT600 craze has yet to fade, but 2014 already brings a new promise to the trance lovers.
A State of Trance 650! And, as yearly tradition, there will be an official anthem. Giving sound to unforgettable events, vivid moments and gatherings, Armin now invites all aspiring producers for the official ASOT650 anthem contest! Have you got what it takes to make millions go wild on your tune? Then apply now!
The 13th birthday and 650th episode of a radio show that unites us all. A weekly highlight to the trance lovers, with a worldwide following of over 20 million listeners each episode. Its yearly world tours have brought people together from all different nations, united by a shared passion. Each year, a new anthem is chosen. After the sounds of W&W’s ‘Invasion’ and Armin van Buuren & Markus Schulz collab ‘The Expedition’, your track might just be the anthem we’re looking for.
4 renowned producers have already sent in their tracks, but there’s room for one more talent to do so. Armin wants to give YOU the chance to win that wildcard! So if you’ve got the perfect track in mind, send it to us before September 27th and enter the official ASOT650 anthem contest!
The listeners of the show decide which song will be the official anthem, so you’d best blow their minds! Good luck!
Visit for more info!
Please mind: When you upload your track to Soundcloud, you have to use the ASOT650 Anthem Contest artwork!

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