A State of Trance

December 24, 2009

Armin van Buuren’s radioshow ‘A State of Trance’ has been going strong for 8 years already. With an estimated amount of 10 million listeners, divided over 26 countries and over 40 radio-stations plus globally through satellite and internet radio-stations, ‘A State of Trance’ is one of the most popular and beloved weekly radio shows around.

Armin weekly provides trance fans with a blend of tasty new tunes, the future favourite, tune of the week and classic track. And the good thing is, it’s not just limited to trance music only. Armin: “What makes trance work so well is that it doesn’t stick to one style, and can incorporate electro, minimal, whatever it likes.” The main focus of the show will always be trance, but Armin is not being imprisoned by one style. The radioshow is the perfect way to keep track of what the trance lovers want, since the Future Favourite gets voted by the visitors of www.trance.nu, the biggest and most well-known trance community around.

ASOT birthdays
The birthdays of the show are celebrated in style, with the fifth birthday being a free party at Club Asta in The Hague, the sixth birthday in Den Bosch and the seventh in Belgian super club Noxx. It was the 8th birthday and therewith the 400th episode however, that was the absolute highlight of the show so far. A 72-hour broadcast and triple celebration with events in Germany, the UK and The Netherlands formed the more than fitting celebration to this milestone in Armin's career. A special website was set up to make sure ASOT listeners could follow the video and audio live stream, via www.astateoftrance.com. In the period of 3 days, the website had 200.000 unique visitors, tuning in from 123 different countries. All of the ASOT parties were fully broadcasted live through various other radiostations as well, giving millions of fans the opportunity to be part of the night. Once in a while, ‘A State of Trance’ also broadcasts certain live sets, with Armin’s live sets in Ibiza being the perfect example of one of them.

Every year, at the end of December, the listeners are able to vote for their absolute favourites of the show, that might end up in the ‘A State of Trance Top 20’. A week after, in the last episode of the year, Armin blends the best tunes of that year into a 2 hours Yearmix, that will also appear on a 2-disk album.

For those that can’t get enough of the show, Armin has launched an official, weekly ‘A State of Trance’ podcast, which is available on iTunes and Armin's YouTube channel and contains the highlights of the show.

With an ever growing popularity and a steady group of loyal fans, ‘A State of Trance’ is only getting bigger and better.

Catch Armin’s weekly radioshow ‘A State of Trance’ on one of the following stations:

FM Stations:

Digitally Imported Radio (www.di.fm) every Thursday 2PM US Eastern / 7PM UK / 20:00 Central European Time on the Trance channel.

A State of Trance is now available for licensing for your radiostation. Please contact www.theradiodepartment.com.

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