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A quickie with W&W

January 28, 2010
If your name is Wardt van der Harst or Willem van Hanegem, a swift pace is a nothing unusual...a quick Q&A with the mighty W&W!

The speed of sound can be pretty quick if you're trying to catch up with it. But if your name is Wardt van der Harst or Willem van Hanegem, a swift pace is a nothing unusual. Within three years, the Dutch producer/DJ duo of W&W went full throttle with tracks such as 'Mustang', 'Arena', 'The Plan' and 'Mainstage'. With a new track, 'D.N.A.', out on the playing fields of the dance industry and gigs at Trance Energy and A State of Trance 450 lined up, W&W is unstoppable. With their name secured amongst the fastest rising stars of today's dance scene, W&W is stepping up a gear in 2010. Time to cut to the chase, cause W&W is asking you to "fasten your seatbelt!".

Armada: Happy new year guys! How has the year's end been? Did you celebrate it in style?
Willem:"Thanks a lot, you too! Yeah, I think I did, I celebrated it with my family and friend Jonas Stenberg in a spa, had a very relaxing end of the year."
Wardt:"I was freezing my ass off in Romania since I had to DJ there. That was actually the last solo-gig I did! But I had company from Galen Behr and Niklas Harding, so we definitely had a good laugh!"

Armada: 2009 has truly been a great year for you lads. Do both of you also feel that it's been kind of the 'big breakthrough' year for W&W?
W&W:"Yes it definitely feels like that, cause this year we got the opportunity to play at a lot of great events and our tracks did better than before. But 2010 is going to be even better!"

Armada: In August, the Mainstage radio show kicked off. After about 6 shows, how do you look back on starting this 'project'? Are you guys happy to have started it, and how is it doing?
W&W:"It's doing better than expected, we already have a lot of listeners and get many good comments. We are really glad we could start it, cause we think it's awesome to share our taste in new music with other people."

Armada:Will there be any changes in format, or will it be a one hour set with new tunes and a classic in the end? Any interviews maybe?
W&W:"We are still thinking about having guest appearances. Maybe when we get one hour extra every month. At the moment it's only a one hour show with some chatting from our side and one special new tune nobody played before called 'The Mainstage ID'."

Armada:This week, 'D.N.A.' was released on the Captivating Sounds imprint. What do we need to know about this tech-trancer?
W&W:"A bit more trancy than usual, but banging as always! It's a combination of techy driving beats with a trancy hook line. Supported by all the big names, very glad about that!"

Armada:There's a new track coming up in March, called 'Alligator Fuckhouse'. Well, that needs some explaining!
W&W:"Haha yeah awesome title right? We heard that in a movie and thought what the hell does that mean? But it sounded so cool, so we thought 'why not name a tune like that?'"

Armada:You guys are currently teaming up with Jonas Stenberg and Marcus Schössow. What can we expect from these two collabs?
W&W: "Something totally different from both our side and theirs. Both are more experimental tunes than usual."

Armada:In April 2010, you guys will play at Trance Energy's Future stage. Any other special gigs coming up?
W&W:"Trance Energy is definitely a special one, but we got more special ones like ASOT 450, which we're really looking forward to play and some big events we can’t name yet."

Armada:Finally, what's the new year's resolution of W&W?
W&W:"2010 is going to be a big year! The plans are big, and we’re working very, very hard to execute them! We've got a whole bunch of new tunes ready for takeoff, and it’s much broader than what we ever did before, so you better fasten your seatbelt!"

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