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4 reasons why you should honor your new year's resolution

December 19, 2018
You’re only as good as the last New Year’s resolution you honored. A very bold statement indeed, but whether it’s true or not, it might just give you a nudge in the right direction. 2019 is around the corner and this is your chance to change your life for the better. Here are our picks of New Year’s resolutions, plus a little story to show you what happens if you’re going to call it quits early again.

This is Sam. – insert poorly drawn stick figure – Sam is amidst his weekly window shopping spree when his spidey sense kicks in. Something wondrous calls out to him, screaming his name like his wife did when he forget to take out the trash again. But Sam is resilient. He knows how to fight this. He braces himself and puffs out his chest, trying his utmost to resist the call. It’s not very effective. As soon as Sam gives in to the temptation and slips in a peek, he’s hooked; it’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen.

As soon as he starts looking for the quickest way to obtain this priceless piece of dance music history – we “may” be referring to the ‘Armada 15 Years’ album, but this is purely coincidental – Sam is hit by the sudden realization that he’s… well… err… poor as f*ck.

Sam forgot to save up money for cool stuff. Don’t be like Sam. Start saving now.

It’s a dark and dreadful Wednesday night. There’s a critical presentation scheduled for the following morning, and Sam needs to ace it in order to get that promotion at work he’s been wanting for years. Even though his wife already excused him from taking out the trash in order to give him some extra time to prepare, Sam can’t be bothered. Sam is having way too much fun playing FIFA on his Xbox.

Tomorrow, Sam will fail the presentation miserably. He will be the laughing stock of the entire company and will be stuck at his dead-end job for all eternity. Moreover, he will end up as a life-long member of the AAFIFA, the Anti-Addiction group for struggling FIFA players.

Now let us ask you a question. Do you want to be like Sam? No? We thought as much. Stop putting off important stuff. ‘Do It Tonight’.

The clock strikes five o’clock and a wave of cheerfulness erupts from the office. Everyone’s made it through five hellish days of work, and this weekend is going to be absolutely – wait for it – legendary. There’s tons of house parties, girl-on-girl pillow fights, pot-head get-togethers and underground club events to choose from, and everyone’s making plans to meet up and go wild. Even Sam’s been invited to some kick-ass parties.

Sam is thrilled as well. In fact, Sam is so excited he’s letting out short, high-pitched yelps as he races through the hallway, pushing a whole flock of colleagues back into their cubicles. But he’s not going to a party, oh no. He’s got his sights set on one thing only. There’s a new global event on FIFA this weekend, and Sam would be damned if he’d let anyone keep him from playing this all throughout the weekend. Who needs friends, right?

Fifteen years later, Sam still has only three friends on Facebook: his mom, his wife and his neighbor’s cat. Don’t be like Sam; start meeting new people before it’s too late. How else will you discover the benefits of being in a ‘Rave Culture’? Try it now!

Gallons of sweat are dripping from Sam’s forehead. This is his third attempt at completing this extraordinarily heavy task, and he’s struggling; he’s breathing so heavily even his neighbor’s cat doesn’t feel like coming in for a quick pet on the head. This isn’t a mere test of raw physical strength. It’s about willpower, about repairing broken dreams, about getting one’s life back on track. He’d made a promise, and he must keep it for once. But his body is failing him. His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. He’s beginning to feel a bit nauseous and light-headed, might have been Mom’s spaghetti. He starts thinking that… well… you know…, there’s always next day, right? Sam’s last bit of determination has faded. He lets go of the plastic handles, straightens his back and scurries back to his Xbox with the faint taste of defeat still in the back of his throat. Surely his lovely wife wouldn’t mind taking out the trash herself, right?

Sam is a wimp. Don’t be like Sam. Get in shape now with our brand-new WORK IT! playlist on Spotify.

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