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100 Minutes of 2011: Dabruck & Klein / Dash Berlin / Markus Schulz / W&W

December 15, 2011
Essentials handpicked by the guys themselves!

100 Minutes of 2011 - Dabruck & Klein
German duo Dabruck & Klein have had a great year. Next to releasing their debut album ‘2:48 AM’, they rocked the floors with singles ‘Heartbeat’, ‘I’ve Got My Pride’ and several top notch remixes. When it comes to DJ’ing, you haven’t experienced a real party unless you’ve seen this dynamic duo behind the decks.

That’s why they’re now giving you a little pre-taste of what happens when the guys get behind the wheels. ‘100 Minutes of 2011: Dabruck & Klein’ are the most influential house tracks of 2011, mixed and handpicked by D&K!

Download 100 Minutes of 2011: Dabruck & Klein on iTunes.

100 Minutes of 2011 - Dash Berlin
2011 couldn’t have given Dash Berlin a better treatment. The Dutch producer/DJ climbed to number 8 in the critically acclaimed DJ Mag Top 100, released the successful singles ‘Better Half Of Me’, ‘Disarm Yourself’, ‘Earth Hour’ and compilation ‘United Destination 2011’ and rocked the globe with sets all across the globe.

Dash Berlin now shows his personal year’s overview, with the biggest tracks of 2011 in one steady mix!

Download 100 Minutes of 2011: Dash Berlin on iTunes.

100 Minutes of 2011: Markus Schulz
2011 makes up for one of the highlight years in the career of American based DJ/producer Markus Schulz. He’s still rocking the DJ Mag Top 100 with a Top 10 position, moves ten-thousands of dance lovers each weekend, groves them with tracks and anthems and influences the sound of 2011.

100 Minutes of 2011: Markus Schulz is 100 minutes of essentials, mixed and handpicked by Schulz himself!

Download 100 Minutes of 2011: Markus Schulz on iTunes.

100 Minutes of 2011 - W&W
W&W have worked themselves up to one of the fastest rising duo’s in dance music. Known for their energetic and melodic sound, they rose to number 36 in the DJ Mag Top 100, only one year after making their impressive new entry. This year, they stormed the clubs with singles ‘Three O’Clock’, ‘Impact’, ‘AK-47’, ‘Nowhere To Go’ and collabs with Wezz Devall and Ben Gold, aside from the many remixes they’ve done. They also released their debut album, ‘Impact’. For 2011, they present a tight mix, filled with their personal highlights and year’s essentials!

Download 100 Minutes of 2011: W&W on iTunes.

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