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10 Years Armada at Electronic Family: Max Graham

July 07, 2013
Armada Music will be celebrating 10 years at Electronic Family in Amsterdam. Max Graham answered three quick questions about his upcoming performance!

Do you have something special in your sleeve for Electronic Family?
I use the same preparation for each show, but I think I'll have my new single ready to play that weekend so that will be pretty cool.

10 Years Armada. What's your highlight?
Well the day I sat down with Maykel (Armada Music CEO) and talked about moving Rebrand to Armada will always have strong meaning. Also my first Queensday in Amsterdam on the Armada boat was really fun.

What's your favourite thing to do when you have a day off in Amsterdam?
Well since I live here I have a bike, so jumping on my bike and heading to a new part of the city I haven't explored yet is definately one of my favourites.

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