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10 Years Armada at Electronic Family: KhoMha

June 24, 2013
Armada Music will be celebrating 10 years at Electronic Family in Amsterdam. KhoMha answered three quick questions about his upcoming performance!

Do you have something special in your sleeve for Electronic Family?
Yes! I’ve been working hard in the studio these months. So you can expect new tracks, new remixes and of course KhoMha edit's and mash-ups.

10 Years Armada. What's your highlight?
I remember the first time I saw an email from one of the guys in Armada. Onno sending me an agreement of Nadia Ali - The Notice. It was my first track with Armada and it was a dream came true.

What's your favourite thing to do when you have a day off in Amsterdam?
Actually, I’ve been to Amsterdam before, but only a few hours as it was before my gig at ASOT600 Den Bosch. I didn’t have the opportunity to walk around the city. Maybe next time, I would love to spend a day in such a beautiful place.

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