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Zirenz and Saint Rush - Shine On Me

June 01, 2009
A good trio team-up never harmed anyone. This time it's 2 girls, one guy to bring the sheer pleasure of sound. Zirenz, the classical vocalist/producers Rebecca Hazard and Cat Llewelyn, most known for their out of space trance tune 'Edge Of Space' have joined forces with Danish producer Mikkel Hansen, aka Saint Rush. The result? A deep, hypnotic trancer with lustrous vocals called 'Shine On Me'. Aimed towards the progressive side of trance, with a phat beat and chilled-out melody, Zirenz and Saint Rush have managed to capture a magical production to put you in a state of trance. The vocal mix of the track is pushing the tempo to a high level, to make it more peak-time fit and turns the progressiveness into a purely uplifting, dramatic trancer, with strong vocals and heavy synths.


  1. 0. Shine on Me (Original Mix) (09:00)
  2. 0. Shine on Me (Ayana Vocal Mix) (07:50)
  3. 0. Shine on Me (Ayana Instrumental Mix) (07:42)
  4. 0. Shine on Me (Ayana Dub Mix) (07:49)
  5. 0. Shine On Me (Radio Edit) (04:37)
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