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Oliver Twizt feat. TRYON - You Don't Have To Leave

November 11, 2016
Just once, just ONCE his life, The Bearded Man wants to be told by someone - anyone - that he *doesn’t* have to leave somewhere. Drinking in the park? Have to leave. Naked on a public beach? Must leave. Screaming at kids on the subway? Gotta go, buster. Chugging contest in a public library? You bet your ass you gotta leave. If you don’t like techno at a MAKJ performance? It’s time to go. It seems The Bearded Man’s carefree style just doesn’t quite mesh with the *rules* of our *society*, *MAN*. In any case, imagine his surprise when he was kicking it with Oliver Twizt and TRYON, and they told him he could stay. He cried for an hour. Acceptance is a powerful thing.
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