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York - York - Best Of

December 02, 2011
In 1992, German producer Torsten Stenzel founded the legendary Planet Love Records.  A new era of future dance classics begun. Throughout the years, the label became out to be a realm for those in search of quality dance releases, and the home base for Thorsten’s projects like Taucher, York and DJ Sakin & Friends. In November 2011, Planet Love joined forces with Armada Music. Next to new projects like the upcoming York album, Planet Love also started the digital release of their back catalogue, with many world famous classics. As a kick off to the new partnership, Planet Love and Armada Music are proud to present the first release of the Planet Love Classics series, with ‘York – Best Of’! Including classics ‘Yesterday’, ‘The Awakening’, ‘On the Beach’, ‘Addicted’ and many more, this York album is essential to everyone that’s ever wanted to have these timeless track in high quality digital format. These tracks will make you relive the past, while hitting the high volume in the present!


  1. 1. York - Farewell to the Moon (En Motion Remix) (07:29)
  2. 2. York - Farewell To The Moon (Club Mix) (09:53)
  3. 3. York - The Awakening (Hiver & Hammer Remix) (08:20)
  4. 4. York - The Awakening (Remasterd 03 Mix) (05:55)
  5. 5. York - The Awakening (Class 1 Mix) (09:05)
  6. 6. York - On the Beach (Mauro Picotto' s CRW Remix) (06:38)
  7. 7. York - On the Beach (EivissaNight Mix) (06:21)
  8. 8. York - Yesterday (Heroes Del Ruido Remix) (06:39)
  9. 9. York - Yesterday (Taucher Remix) (08:16)
  10. 10. York - Addicted (Original Mix) (09:43)
  11. 11. York - I Need You (UK Remix) (09:27)
  12. 12. York feat. Ayla - Cover Me (Original Remix) (06:39)
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