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York vs DJ Shog and Vintage & Morelli - A.F.R.I.C.A.

June 03, 2013
There's always room left for experiments on the Planet Love label. This time, York invited German producer DJ Shog and Belgrade-based duo Vintage & Morelli to his lab of sounds. 'A.F.R.I.C.A' is the warm piece of summer that's about to rock the festivals! A versus affair is ready to hit the airwaves. Where four masterminds join forces, the outcome has to be mind-blowing. And so it is. 'A.F.R.I.C.A.' combines the melodies of DJ Shog, the proggy drive of Vintage & Morelli and the summer spirit of York. A catchy tune with a playful character is the smashing hot result.


  1. 1. A.F.R.I.C.A. (Club Mix) (07:12)
  2. 2. A.F.R.I.C.A. (Radio Edit) (04:46)
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