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YORK presents Lifted Emotion & Purple Stories - Vinicity / Wake Up

August 06, 2012
Keeping the quality consistent, Ukraine producer Lifted Emotion follows up his Planet Love debut with another story to be told. Featuring Polish duo Purple Stories, he gives us the big-room approved 'Vinicity' and 'Wake Up'. Tipping the fine edges of progressive, while gently walking the trance melodies, is 'Vinicity'. A deep bass, piano-driven break and block-rocking outburst right after the break. One big chunk of energy, that's what 'Vinicity' is about! Planet Love label boss York made a special vocal edit of this monster, giving it a feel-good character with warm melody and soothing vocals of Lola Grover. 'Wake Up', the b-side to this essential tune, is nothing but playful and light, better than feel-good! Dutch producer Husman, who recently made his debut on the Mainstage label, now offers a solid, detailed tune with his remix of 'Vinicity'. Last but not least, it's the infectious synths of Peter Knife that rock this tune with his interpretation of 'Vinicity'.


  1. 1. Wake Up (Club Mix) (07:07)
  2. 2. Vinicity (Husman Remix) (06:40)
  3. 3. Vinicity (Club Mix) (06:40)
  4. 4. Vinicity (Peter Knife Remix) (06:00)
  5. 5. Vinicity (York's Husman Edit) (04:36)
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