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York presents Lifted Emotion - iPhonic

February 27, 2012
Ukrainian producer Lifted Emotion makes his debut on the Planet Love label with a big-room attack! His 'iPhonic' bounces with electro energy, hits in with a deep house bass and tips the fine edges of prog. Stepan Kalashnikov is taking one giant leap at a time, with this release as one of his personal highlights. Under his Lifted Emotion moniker, he rocks Planet Love Records with a slick mix of tech-house, electro and prog. While the original sweeps the floor with a sturdy electro feel, the York remix heads down the prog-house road. Argentina's Chris Schweizer kills it with his typical energetic electo-house sound and XGenic delivers a more trancy but certainly club-fit remix.


  1. 1. iPhonic (Original Club Mix) (06:52)
  2. 2. iPhonic (Yorks House Attack Remix) (07:53)
  3. 3. iPhonic (Original Radio Edit) (04:39)
  4. 4. iPhonic (XGenic Remix) (07:05)
  5. 5. iPhonic (Chris Schweizer Remix) (07:26)
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