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York presents Iversoon & Alex Daf feat. Eskova - I Will Survive

October 22, 2012
Fighting silence for the past 2 years, Ukrainian producers Iversoon and Alex Daf now make their grand debut on the legendary Planet Love Recordings. With the mysterious, deep 'I Will Survive' ft. Eskova, the guys might just have found a stepping stone to the top. More and more Eastern-European talents seem to step up their game. The sounds are getting bigger, better and more diverse, and that's exactly what drives Iversoon & Alex Daf to take things to the next level. Within two years, they built a solid reputation and continue to fill their discography with one banger after the next. 'I Will Survive', featuring the haunting vocals of Nataliya Eskova, is no different. A deep bass, flowing melody and its warm synths melt into one, rushing in and rushing over. By the sounds of it, Russian producer Erick Strong definitely enjoyed remixing 'I Will Survive'. He gave the emotional trancer a rough, playful edge, unfolding with each beat.


  1. 1. I Will Survive (Original Mix) (07:22)
  2. 2. I Will Survive (Radio Edit) (04:43)
  3. 3. I Will Survive (Dub Mix) (07:20)
  4. 4. I Will Survive (Erick Strong Remix) (07:46)
  5. 5. I Will Survive (Erick Strong Radio Edit) (04:52)
  6. 6. I Will Survive (Erick Strong Dub Mix) (07:46)
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