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York - Experience

December 15, 2011
In 2001, the very first artist album of the York project came to into being. Torsten Stenzel, the driving force behind York and label owner of the legendary Planet Love Records, brought EDM 13 future classics, all riding the significant sound that York became known for. Strong melodies, hard-hitting beats, dreamy atmosphere and matching vocals, that’s what his debut album ‘Experience’ is about. 10 years after its first release, Armada Music and Planet Love celebrate their joining of forces with a re-release of this classic album. Including hits ‘Awakening’, ‘Kiss the Sky’,  ‘On The Beach’, ‘Hearts’ and collabs with ATB and Ayla, ‘Experience’ is a must-have for all those in love with the timeless sound of York!


  1. 1. York - Hearts (Album Mix) (07:47)
  2. 2. York - Reachers Of Civilisation (Original Mix) (07:09)
  3. 3. York feat. ATB - Fields Of Love (Album Mix) (07:20)
  4. 4. York - Kiss the sky (Album Mix) (09:51)
  5. 5. York - Heavy Mental (Album Mix) (06:46)
  6. 6. York - Awakening (UK Album Mix) (05:06)
  7. 7. York - Farewell To The Moon (Airwave Mix) (05:53)
  8. 8. York - Spaceman (Original Mix) (08:54)
  9. 9. York - The Awakening (Quake Radio Edit) (03:33)
  10. 10. York feat. ALYA - Cover Me (Original Remix) (06:41)
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