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Yahel & Liya - Creatures

November 19, 2012
Very few artists have managed to capture the current sound of Perfecto Fluoro more perfectly than Yahel. It seems every records this incredibly talented producer sends us, we listen to, fall in love with and then sign - all with great enthusiasm. It's nice to hear such exciting sounds coming from forward thinking musicians at a time like this. So here we are - the Goa trance monster from Yahel with the completely luscious vocals from Liya "Creatures". This is THE record we've been looking for! And leading the package - label boss Paul Oakenfold takes it up a gear with his trademark 303 layering and punchy drums, to make a truly epic and hypnotic version that has been taking the roof off at all the recent Four Seasons live shows in Australia. This transcends class. If ever there was a record that was Full On Fluoro, then this is it! Breathe it in.


  1. 1. Creatures (Paul Oakenfold Remix) (07:26)
  2. 2. Creatures (Paul Oakenfold Radio Edit) (04:11)
  3. 3. Creatures (Original Mix) (06:59)
  4. 4. Creatures (Radio Edit) (03:37)
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