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XGenic - Blaster / Collision

March 25, 2013
Yes, that's right - we have a smoking hot release from Argentinian maestros of tough rocking beats, XGenic. And you get not one, but two serious records of mass destruction in the pack. Oh and did we mention the Blazer remix? Yes that's right, our favourite Psy-Breaks producer Blazer punches us in the face with an intense and hard hitting breaks masterpiece. His technical precision is second to none. Second to NONE - OK?!! Wwwwwwwwwwwwhack!!!!!!!!


  1. 1. Blaster (Original Mix) (08:38)
  2. 2. Blaster (Blazer Remix) (04:51)
  3. 3. Collision (Original Mix) (08:37)
  4. 4. Blaster (Radio Edit) (03:59)
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