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Xanti & Jake Shanahan, Jensby - Justice / Timewarp

January 21, 2013
Nothing tops the energy that a loud, furious and inflammable piece of music can give you! That's why Trice Recordings now brings you two sure-shots for the peak-time moments. Enjoy 'Justice' by rising talents Xanti & Shanaha and the catchy 'Timewarp' by UK producer Jensby! Italian producer Xanti and US colleague Jake Shanahan know how to cook up a storm. A 7 minute one, to be exact. Their 'Justice', already supported by the likes of Hardwell, is funky, bulky and rides a deep, thick bass. There's nothing more you need to get a crowd going! Brilliantly mixing the energy of house with the infuriating stabs and playfulness of electro, UK producer Jensby kicks in with 'Timewarp'. With full warp speed ahead, this young, London-based talent rips up the floors and makes the bass hit in right where needed.


  1. 1. Justice (Original Mix) (07:15)
  2. 2. Timewarp (Original Mix) (05:54)
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