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Woody van Eyden & Steve Anderson - Everything's Twisted

May 30, 2011
'Everything's Twisted' is a sublime vocal track that is the outcome of a collaboration between dance music veteran Woody van Eyden and rising star Steve Anderson. Following the success of Steve's own productions including the highly acclaimed singles 'Neve' and 'Before Long' it was decided to make an official partnership with Woody for future productions on Perfecto. A sultry and somewhat seductive track 'Everything's Twisted' is destined for regular airplay on the sweatiest dancefloors this Summer. The Woody van Eyden mix focuses more on the tough grooves and big room energy that has become his trademark sound over the last decade, while Steve's version is more melodic, more progressive and a little more laid back. To complete the package an incredibly smooth and luscious 'deep mix' from ReOrder that looks set to be a firm favourite with Perfecto fans after generating huge interest from early plays by Paul Oakenfold at recent tour dates. We love this track. We think it's Perfecto!


  1. 0. Everything's Twisted (Woody van Eyden Mix) (06:58)
  2. 0. Everything's Twisted (ReOrder Deep Remiix) (07:16)
  3. 0. Everything's Twisted (Steve Anderson Mix) (08:08)
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