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Wezz Devall - The Great White Buffalo

November 12, 2012
You know he's got the groove, funk and knows how to make the bass kick. Combining all that with a powerful melody, makes Wezz Devall's latest offering stand out. 'The Great White Buffalo' is here, and you know it. The name of Wezz Devall has often been referred to as one of the fastest rising talents of the new generation EDM producers. He closes an impressive and important year, with 'We Are The Future', 'Stadium', W&W collab 'Phantom' and Susana featuring 'Brave' as the absolute highlights, with a last addition to his string of musical successes. Crossing borders between house, prog and trance, is the eclectic affair of 'The Great White Buffalo'. Hitting in with its intricate melodic works, heavy bass and playful, eclectic sound, this is another crowd-pleaser wearing that much favoured Devall tag.


  1. 1. The Great White Buffalo (Original Mix) (06:36)
  2. 2. The Great White Buffalo (Radio Edit) (03:01)
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