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Wezz Devall - Stadium

May 28, 2012
Getting high scores in the producing games of dance land ever since his debut in 2010, makes the next anthem to rise from the Wezz Devall studio another highly anticipated piece. 'Stadium' does all the works, walking the fine line of trance, tech and prog. Wezz Devall. A young, Dutch talent whose productions have barely left anyone untouched. With an energetic, forward-striving sound that finds itself amongst the echoes of tech-trance, he moved us with 'Free My Willy', 'The Big Adventure', W&W collab 'Phantom' and his latest success, 'Kill of the Year'. With 'Stadium', he takes a bite of trance, electro-house and tech, and evens it to one, well-thought-out gem of a track.


  1. 1. Stadium (Original Mix) (06:07)
  2. 2. Stadium (Peter Knife Remix) (06:02)
  3. 3. Stadium (Radio Edit) (03:03)
  4. 4. Stadium (Peter Knife Radio Edit) (03:33)
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