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Wezz Devall - Future Tomorrow / Find This Dream (feat. Isa Marie)

June 06, 2011
The Dutch tech-trance force is back - this time with up and coming talent Wezz Devall! He was responsible for last year's bomb 'This Is Your Day', a follow up to his successful 'Free My Willy'. A while back, he also teamed up with the talented duo W&W to present their banging collab 'Phantom'. That one's still doing its job on the global dancefloor, but Wezz is already bringing you a new weapon: his new double release 'Future Tomorrow' & 'Find This Dream'! 'Future Tomorrow' features pitch-black progressive beats, meeting a captivating melody in the break. But don't lose yourself completely, for Wezz made it rapidly kick back to an explosive climax with warping tech sounds. On the flipside, the Dutchman awaits you with a surprise. 'Find This Dream' starts out big, with bold beats and techy effects. Big soon transform into massive, once Isa Marie' voice hits in, underlined by the track's compressed melody and mind-blowing hi-hats. Wear a big smile, put your hands in the air and party hard to the sounds of Wezz!


  1. 0. Future Tomorrow (Original Mix) (07:15)
  2. 0. Find This Dream (Original Mix) (07:24)
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