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W&W - Thunder

June 03, 2013
Whoever's struck by the sound of the fastest rising duo in dance land, knows what's ahead: another booming bass of W&W making. 'Thunder' is the next one to strike. And boy, will it cause a thunderclap. Kept an exclusive ID in their sets for the past few weeks, 'Thunder' has been roaring the EDM surfaces as a much-wanted ID. The official follow-up to Top 5 Beatport main chart rocker and Ummet Ozcan collab 'The Code' and Armin van Buuren smash 'D#Fat', is another original take on musical fusion. 'Thunder' has the right claps, a fit melody and a pay-off that would shake the foundations of every club it meets - no exceptions granted.


  1. 1. Thunder (Original Mix) (04:58)
  2. 2. Thunder (Radio Edit) (02:50)
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