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W&W - Shotgun

April 08, 2012
When the world of dance is at your feet, what else is left to do but taking the next steps? For W&W, those next steps begin now, with the launch of their very own Mainstage label! And they kick it off like no one else can, with the maddening, hard-rocking 'Shotgun'! Hot off the release of the official ASOT550 anthem, 'Invasion', Willem and Ward find themselves in a fortunate position. Not only are they one of EDM's fastest rising duo's, they've also had a successful release of their debut album 'Impact', taken charge of the DJ Mag's Top 100 #36 position and take a giant leap by now taking the lead as label-owners of Mainstage Music. 'Shotgun' calls in that new chapter, and rocks about with all essential W&W ingredients: energy, melody and a mix of playful, powerful beats.


  1. 1. Shotgun (Original Mix) (06:05)
  2. 2. Shotgun (Radio Edit) (02:28)
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