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W&W - Mustang

July 07, 2008
Wardt (known for his productions under Wardt and Re-Wardt) teamed up with his studio buddy Willem van Hanegem two deliver these two great peaktime trancers. Looking for tracks for your next big gig? Mustang is a huge Anthem that will succeed in bombing a dance floor! Armin van Buuren: MASSIVE support on all my gigs! Tiësto: supporting Mustang from day one! Eddie Halliwell: supporting both tracks massivly on my radio show! Sander van Doorn: playing it everywhere, including on Trance Energy 2008! Gareth Emery: Eruption is solid solid stuff, hooky melody, well produced, will be supporting! Johan Gielen: great tracks, used Mustang on my last compilation cd! Charlie G (IDJ Mag): These 2 are fuckin rocking!! front of box, 10/10 for this release


  1. 1. Mustang (Radio Edit) (03:00)
  2. 2. Mustang (Extended) (06:29)
  3. 3. Countach (07:35)
  4. 4. Intercity (07:21)
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