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W&W & Mark Sixma - Twist

October 10, 2011
W&W and Mark Sixma go back a long way. Both Willem and Ward, as well as Mark, got into the whirlwind of EDM around the same time. Willem and Mark hooked up in the studio quite frequently, resulting in tracks like 'Terminal 69', 'Origin' and 'Genesis'. Throughout the course of the years, the guys have always kept their musical synergy. So with the debut album of W&W on the way, it was a more than logical step for Willem and Wardt to invite Mark on the exciting first checkpoint of their musical journey, 'Impact'. And while they're at it, they enjoy the beats of new single 'Twist'. Taken from the 'Impact' album, this hot after-summer bang of a track has a way of reaching you on the inside, right where you need it. The solid warm-up of 'Twist' prepares you for all feel-good violence to come. Its lively synths will energize you, bursting with essential tech-trance flavours. 'Twist' is the best thing to haunt the festival and club speakers for the next months to come. And that's not even all, cause the remix touch of Rick Mitchells & Bas van Essen and Heatbeat await you. W&W:"We've got a great package with two remixes; a massive electro remix done by Rick Mitchells and Bas van Essen, and an up-tempo remix by the guys from Heatbeat. The original was already voted Future Favorite in Armin's ASOT radio show, so it's set to be a good release!"


  1. 0. Twist (Extended Mix) (05:19)
  2. 0. Twist (Heatbeat Remix) (06:46)
  3. 0. Twist (Rick Mitchells & Bas van Essen Remix) (05:04)
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