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W&W - Manhattan

June 14, 2010
The trance world is still recovering from the heavy damage done by W&W's collab with Swede Jonas Stenberg on 'Alligator F*ckhouse' and at all times is it dancing to their 'D.N.A.', 'The Plan' and 'Mainstage'. The summer's ahead though and that means a milder, more trancy touch to the sound of Willem van Hanegem and Wardt van der Harst. Last year, it was 'Mainstage' that became their big summer-hit. This year, it might just be 'Manhattan' that'll tame the festival and club-speakers with a seductive melody, arousing set of kicks and cloudy mix of prog-trance and techno. Like the skyscrapers in downtown Manhattan, this new track shows the sky is the limit to these talented Dutchies. Fellow Dutchman Sied van Riel, who's middle name could very well be 'diversity', makes 'Manhattan' a deep and prog-tech driven theme to anyone's set. Markus Schultz Will support! Ernesto & Bastian Original mix for me, good work guys, full support! GarethEmery SvR remix is the best here! Dave Pearce The original mix just wins it for me :-) John O Callaghan Really like sieds mix! Ashley Wallbridge What a track, Great summer vibe, Loving sied mix aswell with his def touch ;) Ron Hagen Sounds like an anthem here!!! Really like it, support! Will test this baby out this weekend! Rank 1 cool mixes, both of them! TyDi Cool! Cosmic Gate Nice summer tune, thanks! Judge Jules Wicked track really like it


  1. 0. Manhattan (Original Mix) (06:19)
  2. 0. Manhattan (Sied van Riel Remix) (05:13)
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