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W&W - Mainstage / System Overload

August 03, 2009
This summer might be too hot to enjoy anything else than sunbathing, checking your tan and play some loungy, down-tempo sounds while you're pretending to be oh-so busy. But that's not what the Dutch boys of the W&W team are about. It's time to shake off that listless, lazy sunstroke of yours and pull yourself up for some energetic summer heat. For anyone in favour of partying, the new EP of Wardt van der Harst and Willem van Hanegem will surely do pleasure. After 'Mustang', 'Arena', 'The Plan' and their latest collab with Ummet Ozcan on 'Synergy', the W's continue to fill danceland with their energetic productions. Both 'Mainstage' and 'Overload' show off a matured sound of these young talents, and show they haven't put their ears or skills to rest in the meanwhile. Combining a feverish techno sound with electro and melodic trance, 'Overload' drops down a diverse, definite highlight to any party setting. 'Mainstage' on the other hand, makes fat bass and melodic synths toy around in a big room play of sounds, with the immediate impact that is so distinctively W&W. We guess the temperature will be adding up nicely after these two come out.


  1. 0. Mainstage (Original Mix) (06:17)
  2. 0. System Overload (Original Mix) (06:41)
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