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W&W - Lift Off!

December 03, 2012
You might as well skip the 'ready' and 'set', cause success comes at a quick 'go' for Dutch duo W&W! Keeping a high pace, they now fight silence with the playful, highly contagious 'Lift Off!'. Their remixes for Dash Berlin's 'Waiting' and Delerium's 'Silence' have been rocking the Beatport Trance Top 10 for weeks. The Mainstage Label is doing great business, fighting its way up with solid releases of promising talents. And the #25 position in the DJ Mag Top 100 is completely theirs. W&W have all reason to name their new single 'Lift Off!', cause that's exactly what they have. Enjoy its hot drums, fresh kick, deep, all-destroying bass and spacey melodic sweeps.


  1. 1. Lift Off! (Original Mix) (05:00)
  2. 2. Lift Off! (Radio Edit) (03:03)
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