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W&W & Jochen Miller - Summer

June 18, 2012
Two of today's favourite names in EDM join forces, translating the sultry hot nights of summer into sound. Dutch duo W&W and Jochen Miller bring the beat back, with 'Summer'. Coming to respect each other's sounds and being a big fan of diversity, made it only a matter of time before the boys of W&W would hook up with fellow Dutchman Jochen Miller. Jochen, who's hot off the release of his tune 'Zodiac', and W&W, geared with their own Mainstage label and fighting silence with 'Shotgun', make a dream team for anyone into dance music. 'Summer' has the loudness to make the festival ground tremble, the melody to sway your body and the energy to keep you going, long after its last beat has faded.


  1. 1. Summer (Original Mix) (05:18)
  2. 2. Summer (Radio Mix) (02:37)
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