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W&W - Invasion (ASOT 550 Anthem)

February 27, 2012
Carrying the weight of representing the A State of Trance 550 world tour, is no easy task. But W&W’s ‘Invasion’ was chosen and therefore destined to be the official theme for this global happening. And for good reason! ‘Invasion’ is the energetic anthem, giving sound to no less than 7 events. With a strong hook, energetic drive and furious bassline, ‘Invasion’ will keep you going, celebrating a milestone in trance music and the career of the one and only Armin van Buuren. The A State of Trance show has meant a great deal for the careers of Willem van Hanegem and Ward van der Harst. It’s where trance society discovered their new favourites and anticipation for each new W&W single rose to incredible heights. Next to releasing ‘Nowhere To Go’ and several other hot singles from their debut album ‘Impact’, W&W now also land this new one, ‘Invasion’.The anthem represents the unifying character of music, a powerful and beloved connection between music lovers from all around the globe! ‘Invasion’ is A State of Trance 550.


  1. 1. Invasion - ASOT 550 Anthem (Original Mix) (05:50)
  2. 2. Invasion - ASOT 550 Anthem (Club Mix) (06:50)
  3. 3. Invasion - ASOT 550 Anthem (Radio Edit) (02:48)
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