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W&W - Impact

February 07, 2011
Custom made for highlight moments, destined to be played on big sound systems and ready to blow the minds of thousands of trance lovers. W&W's new tune has landed. And you bet, it has impact. As the official anthem of the Armada Night edition of EnTrance in Poland, 'Impact' befits everything peak-time. A dark and mysterious build-up, lurking from the synth shadows and unfolding a true break-in-the-clouds revelation after, gives 'Impact' its true W&W character. Right before the heart-throbbing bass kills it all, a melodic, trancy touch makes 'Impact' return to its maddening balance. Right there, in the middle of all things happening, one thing never changes: 'Impact' will get your body moving, whether you try to resist or not.
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