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W&W - Countach / Intercity

May 19, 2008
With Mustang and Eruption still on high rotation by various big names we are proud to present the follow up EP!Wardt (known for his productions under Wardt and Re-Wardt) teamed up with his studio buddy Willem van Hanegem again to deliver these two great peaktime trancers. Countach and and Intercuty are both huge Anthems that will succeed in bombing a dance floor!DJ Support:Armin van Buuren: supporting this! Superb tracks!John O'Callaghan: Been playing this at peak time, rocks!!Blank & Jones: Playing Countach on our radio show and gigs:)David Forbes: yeah digging Intercity!.Joop: Joopstyle!! Support


  1. 0. Countach (Original Mix) (07:56)
  2. 0. Intercity (Original Mix) (07:24)
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