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Voolgarizm - Chimera

October 18, 2019
Reaching Altitude regular Voolgarizm is on a rampage. Hot on the heels of three colossal cuts on the label, he returns with the sound-system-shredding, hardstyle-esque ‘Chimera’ and three of its equally ferocious minions: a Trance Mix, and remixes from FORCES and Triode. Watch your six; ‘Chimera’ is incoming.

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  1. 1. Chimera (02:55)
  2. 2. Chimera (Trance Mix) (02:55)
  3. 3. Chimera (FORCES Remix) (03:09)
  4. 4. Chimera (Triode Remix) (02:42)
  5. 5. Chimera (Extended Mix) (03:44)
  6. 6. Chimera (Extended Trance Mix) (03:50)
  7. 7. Chimera (FORCES Extended Remix) (04:05)
  8. 8. Chimera (Triode Extended Remix) (04:40)
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