Vincent De Moor - aFly Away 2007

September 02, 2007
This biggest release of the year! Two new smashing reworks of one of the biggest classics ever: Vincent de Moor - Fly Away. The first rework is done by German superstars Cosmic Gate. This is a track that you, without a doubt, have heard before as Tiesto, Paul van Dyk and Armin are hammering it in every set for the last 2 months. Throbbing and pumping beats go into a climax during the breakdown. At a certain, goosebump tearing point the original elements of Fly Away melt away in a huge synth line and lifts off into a huge breakdown. The second rework is done by American/Swiss trancemaster Sean Tyas. He has delivered some great tunes like Lift so far, and this remix is another huge one! Pumping and energetic by the king of reworks!


  1. 1. Fly Away (Cosmic Gate Remix) (09:07)
  2. 2. Fly Away (Sean Tyas Remix) (08:19)
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