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Venomenal feat. Ronald Klungel - Indian Summer

October 05, 2018
Not long after he started surfing, The Bearded Man found himself in an unusual spot. He was pretty tired of being called a haole on the north shore (even though it was true), and he was getting laughed out of every decent surf spot. Now of course, normal people should never, ever, EVER begin their surfing journey on the north shore of Hawaii, but The Bearded Man has never been one to play it safe. The summer season was almost over, and he knew that if he wanted to earn his spot amongst the in-crowd, he’d have to catch and ride the wave of all waves. One stormy afternoon, the seas were particularly fierce, with waves taller than most buildings. He finally convinced a cab driver to drive him onto one of the massive waves with a jet-ski (a couple hundos did the trick), risking both their lives in the process, and he attempted to catch the largest wave of the swell. He sling-shotted to the top of the wave, and for a brief, glorious second, he was on top of the world. Seconds later, however, he was nearly crushed by the same wave, breaking over 40 bones in his body. But he’s a hearty fellow, and the next summer, he was right back out there again making a fool of himself. To this day, he has never, ever earned the respect of the locals.

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