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Vengeance - Stasis

October 31, 2011
The golden formula to dance floor destruction is one and the same to German duo Vengeance: loud, pumping and straight-forward! With a new weapon called 'Statis', they bring musical ecstasy to those in need of energy. For Manuel Schleis and Dennis Gertner, it all started with 'Tempation'. It became one of the biggest tracks of 2008, battering the ears with high quality tech-trance. And that's exactly what we found on the successors, 'Dimension', 'Explain', 'Unexpectation' and their most recent one, 'Stasis'. Already given a good spin by the likes of Armin van Buuren, 'Stasis' has all ingredients to make a club explode. A maddening build-up, a rumbling techy feel, trancy melody and a right-out outburst of energy. 'Stasis' defines the meaning of 'big-room'!


  1. 0. Stasis (Denga & Manus Webifier Mix) (08:27)
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