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Vengeance - Decadence

November 15, 2010
From the very moment German duo Manuel Schleis and Dennis Gertner introduced the world to their sounds, they've been known for their high quality standard. 'Temptation', released in 2008 under their Vengeance moniker, became a huge club hit. Follow-up tracks 'Dimension', 'Explain' and 'Unexpectation' clearly showed that the guys were influenced by techno, electro and the harder side of trance. Diversity is what it's all about in the Vengeance sound: it's straight-forward, pumping and loud! New track 'Decadence' goes down that same road. The 'Denga & Manus Remix', by Vengeance themselves, offers its listeners 9 minutes of pure diversity. Kicking off with a strong bassline and big room effects, it builds up to a melodic break-down for the hands-in-the-air-lovers. With fat synth-lines kicking in after the break, it provides you with everything a true tech-trance should. On the flipside German DJ's and producers Lehn & Gras focussed on the strong sounding beats of 'Decadence'. Strong sounding, thundersome sounds kick in, giving you a 200 percent guarantee of dance floor madness! Support by: Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Dash Berlin, Paul Oakenfold, W&W, Ashley Wallbridge, Lange, Jorn van Deynhoven, John Askew, Rank 1, Judge jules


  1. 0. Decadence (Denga & Manus Mix) (08:46)
  2. 0. Decadence (Lehm & Gras Remix) (07:37)
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