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Various Artists - Vocal Trance Hits 2018 - Vol. 1

January 26, 2018
The most perfect of matches since a cake first got its cherry on top, Vocal Trance has a way of winning people over. Striking the right chord every single time, it moves people and elates them, and brings them something they can’t find anywhere else. It’s no wonder that Vocal Trance has become somewhat of a genre of its own, and we’re here to either get you clued up on all the wonders it has to offer or to shower you with enough masterpieces to keep you satisfied for a long, long time. In its first volume of 2018, ‘Vocal Trance Hits’ goes above and beyond to supply every music lover with forty sonic marvels that will prove simply irresistible. Including tracks from the likes of Above & Beyond, Cosmic Gate, Dash Berlin, Gabriel & Dresden, ilan Bluestone, Kyau & Albert and Roman Messer alongside the alluring vocals of star vocalists such as Donata, Emma Hewitt, Koven, Roxanne Emery and Zoë Johnston, this volume offers the very best of Vocal Trance in a ready-made package none can say no to. If you love the sense of wonder that Vocal Trance radiates, this is the compilation for you.

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