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Various Artists - Trice Recordings Sampler, Vol. 3

July 01, 2013
If you've got a taste for booming bass and an appetite for fresh-cut melodies, you'll find your fix on Trice Recordings! Being one of the latest additions to the Armada Music imprints, Trice now introduces you to 5 of its brand new tunes and remixes. Sit tight, for the Trice Recordings Sampler Vol.3! Get to know the label, through the buenos beats of Argentina's Kevin Muter and his 'Minigun', the blazing hot 2 A.M. Club Mix of Maison & Dragen's 'Never Gonna Stop' and the feel-good Rush West remix of 'PIXL - Starlight'. For the big festival thrill seekers, we've got the Tocadisco remix of his collab with Stefan Dabruck, 'Saturn', and the Falko Niestolk & Steve Wish remix of 'Stefan Dabruck vs Morgan Page - Credo'! Five more reasons to put the volume up high!


  1. 1. Kevin Muter - Minigun (Original Mix) (06:17)
  2. 2. Pixl - Starlight (Rush West Remix) (05:16)
  3. 3. Maison & Dragen feat. Jeremy Carr - Never Gonna Stop (2 A.M. Club Mix) (06:02)
  4. 4. Martin Volt & Quentin State feat. Rico & Miella - Shadows (Dub Mix) (05:03)
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